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Relevant Courses

Courses and programs in science communication can be found across Rutgers' five campuses with more than 150 majors. Courses can provide skills specific to a discipline or that provide a solid grounding in the issues related to communicating science. Rutgers also offers minors in Science Communication and Science Outreach, which can be used to complement a major focus and help prepare students to be strong communicators in their chosen field or career.

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Course Code Semester
Introduction to science communication 11:374:103 Spring
Environment in society and mass media 11:374:225 Spring
Agriculture in society and mass media 11:374:227  
Visualizing information: Storytelling with data 11:374:240 Fall
Informal science communication 05:300:355/11:374:335 Fall
Storytelling for science majors 11:374:310 Fall
Environmental writing: Rhetorical strategies for complex ecological issues 11:374:311 Spring
Environmental communication 11:374:325 Spring
Environmental education in the school curriculum 11:300 (or 704):416 Fall
Risk, health and safety 11:374:430 Fall
Advanced communication in the sciences 11:374:435 Fall
Communicating ocean sciences to informal audiences 11:628:307  
Communicating and teaching climate science 11:300:340  
Nutrition communication 11:709:442  
Weather, Climate and Television I 11:670:111  
Weather, Climate and Television II 11:670:112  

School of Arts and Sciences

Course Code Semester
Biochemical communication 11:115:491  
Improving communication through improv 07:965:498  
Science and health journalism 04:567:340  
Health communication 04:192:407  
Health literacy 04:192:307  
Introduction to health, medicine, and literature    
Literary and scientific writings    
Scientific and technical writing 01:355:302  
Science writing 01:355:342  
Writing as a naturalist    
Science in the professions 01:355:355  
(Writing for biology)    
(Writing in the social sciences)    
(Writing in medicine)    
Effective communication skills in genetics 01:447:430  
Analysis of scientific literature    
Thesis writing and communication in genetics I 01:447:414 Fall
Thesis writing and communication in genetics II 01:447:415 Spring
Honors Communication in Biology 01:119:410  
Outreach in biology 01:119:104  


Course Code Semester
Biodesign (Sculpture) 50:080:490  
Special Topics in Biology: Communicating Biomedical Science 50:120:396  
Art and Urban Sustainability 50:080:300  

Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Course Code Semester
Communicating science with decision-makers    

School of Graduate Studies

Course Code Semester
Media, science, & society    
Communicating science 16:718:560 Spring
Professional science writing and communication 16:712:561  
Science communication in plant biology 16:765:609  
Communicating science and medicine GSND 5330Q  
Effective Communication MSBS 5145S  

School of Public Health

Course Code Semester
Health/risk communication HEBS 0678J